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C-Kayak rotationally moulds sea kayaks in a dedicated factory in Westmead, Durban, South Africa. The factory has two state of the art electronically controlled thermo fan ovens designed and constructed specifically for the manufacture of kayaks.

The sea kayaks are manufactured from linear low density polyethylene, a high performance Hexene Copolymer, fully UV stabilized and colour compounded. The hulls are manufactured in a two shot process and have a solid outer layer and a foamed inner layer, which are fused together in a single moulding process. This forms a light but rigid laminate that cannot be peeled. The rotomoulding process gives a hollow product that is completely seamless and incredibly strong. There only a handful of kayak producers in the world using this technology.

Our kayaks are marketed on a national basis through retail outlets in the canoe, boating and outdoor sectors. Exports are undertaken directly from the factory and we have exported to America, Australia, Norway, Denmark, UK, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya and the Indian Ocean Islands.